The SAT is an exam run by the College Board and taken by students everywhere for U.S. college admissions. It is used to assess student competence and college readiness in critical reading, writing, and math.

There are two math sections:

A 25-minute no-calculator section that includes 15 multiple choice questions and 5 grid-in questions.

A 55-minute section that includes 30 multiple choice questions and 8 grid-in questions and allows the use of a calculator.

What topics are covered in math 1

Topic Percent of test Number of questions
Algebra 30% 15
Plane geometry 20% 10
Solid geometry 6% 3
Coordinate geometry 12% 6
Trigonometry 8% 4
Functions 12% 6
Statistics and sets 6% 3
Miscellaneous 6% 3